Around Pioneer

There is a small recreation area with a swimming pool. In the bar area there is a library with lots of travel books, wildlife books and novels and a curio shop which proudly stocks many items from across Zambia, all bought from local craftsmen.  The countryside around Pioneer is very safe and there are many places to walk and if you are an avid birder there are plenty in the miombo woodland around the lodge.

We can also advise you on other places to visit for the day when you're here.

Pioneer is surrounded by miombo woodland; it is quiet and offers nice places to walk. There is a basic map which you can use to go walking and birding outside the grounds of Pioneer. The countryside here is very safe and it is great for birding. 
You can ask for the maps of the surrounding area at reception.
There are craft markets selling a variety of traditional items, fabrics, carvings and general souvenirs. There is also Kabwata cultural village which showcases many of the same items all handmade by local carpenters and craftsmen and this is open every day.  


Lusaka is the Capital of Zambia and the East side is fairly developed; the centre of Lusaka is as busy and bustling as any other city with shopping centres, cinemas, cafes and restaurants. If you wish to go into Lusaka we can arrange this for you when you are here.